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The Bidaya Flash cards are a great resource for the classroom, which enables the students to practice the first five chapters in an easy, exciting and interactive way.

Author: Shekh Ahmad AlSheikhi

Publisher: Bidaya

Format: Paperback

Ages: Elementary School

Code: 9780996679763

Language: Arabic and English


More Than 300 Flash Cards Corresponding To The First 5 Chapters In The Book, Which Can Be Used For Practice Alongside Learning.

What Makes Bidaya Book Special?
1. It took 10 years to write the Bidaya Book and test it at many Islamic schools and Quran classes.
2. More than 3000 students of different ages have memorized the Quran and become teachers and Imams with the help of Bidaya Book.
3. The number of hours students need to complete the book is 20-25 hours.
4. Bidaya Book is appropriate for students of all different levels, ages, and backgrounds, including new Muslims.
5. Bidaya Book is an easy book to learn and an easy book to teach. It is specially designed to encourage interaction between teachers and students.
6. Bidaya Book includes tools made especially for the teacher, like the Bidaya Teacher’s Guide, to help make explaining the lessons easier.
7. Bidaya Book also includes tools for students to make learning easier for them, like: Bidaya Workbook, Bidaya Posters, Bidaya Website, Bidaya App, Bidaya CD, and more.
8. Bidaya Book has its own methodology with new ideas to make it easy to teach, and it’sdivided according to the book lessons: educational, evaluative, and explanatory.


Bidaya Book Goals

1. Address the problem of memorizing the Quran by hearing it only, and teach the correct way of reading, which is the basis for strong memorization and proficiency.
2. Spread the idea of learning to read the Quran in an innovative way, accessible to all ages and languages.
3. Teach the skill of writing and drawing Quranic script.
4. Protect the tongue from errors in pronouncing the letters and words of the book of
Allah (SWT.)
5. Establish a system that gradually teaches students correct pronunciation and Tajweed
from the beginning of their Arabic learning journey.
6. Address the problem of pronouncing the Quran using non-Arabic letters by non-Arabic speakers.
7. Teach reading the Quran correctly in a fast and elaborate way.


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Dimensions: (3″ x 4″)

First Publishing Date: 8/1/2016

Current Publishing Date: 8/1/2016

ISBN-13: 9780996679763

Remarks: 350 flash cards corresponding to the first 5 chapters

Current Edition: 1st

Item Weight: 1.118 pounds

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  1. The book is aimed to teach the reading of Quran. I like how it starts with the letters and then short vowels and after that the long vowels,tanween, etc.
    Th e vowels in the chapter are emphacised with diffrent colors.
    I wish he included the Ayat that her got certain words from. Especially the words from Juzu Amma عمّ. It does help the students remember where they read a certain word in the Quran. This wsy they would remember it correctly in both books.

  2. These work great for in class practice. Similar layout to the posters, lessons and some pages in the free app.

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