Bidaya Posters


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Bidaya Posters: Posters to help explain lessons to groups of students.

Author: Shekh Ahmad AlSheikhi

Publisher: Bidaya

Format: Paperback

Ages: Elementary School

Code: 9780996679787

Language: Arabic and English


What makes this book special?
1) It took ten years to write and test Bidaya at many Islamic schools and Quran classes.
2) More than 3000 students of different ages have memorized the Quran and become teachers and Imams with the help of Bidaya.
3) The book can be taught in 20-25 hours.
4) Bidaya is appropriate for students of all levels, ages, and backgrounds, including new Muslims.
5) Bidaya is an easy book to learn and teach. It is specially designed to encourage interaction between teachers and students.
6) Bidaya includes tools especially for the teacher, such as the Bidaya Teacher’s Guide, to help make explaining lessons easier.
7) Bidaya also includes tools for students to make learning easier such as: Bidaya Workbook, Bidaya Posters, Bidaya website, Bidaya App, Bidaya CD, and more.
8) Bidaya has its own methodology and is divided according to the lessons: educational, evaluative, and explanatory.



1) Addresses the problem of memorizing the Quran by only hearing it, and teaches accurate reading as the basis for strong memorization and proficiency.
2) Provides a method of reading the Quran in an innovative way, accessible to all ages and backgrounds.
3) Teaches the skill of writing the Quranic script.
4) Protects the tongue from errors in pronouncing the letters and words of the book of Allah (swt).
5) Establishes a system that gradually teaches students correct pronunciation (tajweed) from the beginning of their Arabic learning journey.
6) Addresses the problem of non-Arabic speakers pronouncing the Quran using non-Arabic letters.
7) Teaches reading the Quran correctly in a fast and methodical way.


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Dimensions: (20″ x 28″)

First Publishing Date: 8/1/2016

Current Publishing Date: 8/1/2016

ISBN-13: 9780996679787

Pages: 38

Current Edition: 1st

Item Weight: 4.25 pounds

Theme: School


  1. Extremely beneficial for teaching and the students love it. Alhamdulilah

  2. These posters are so well designed and go well with the flashcards and lessons.

  3. Love These Posters Money savers!!!!
    I wasted over $100 on ink to print out appropriate materials to learn and teach Arabic to my kids and I’m still not done printing. I finally came across These posters they are amazing they come in a spring like note book at the top and you can just flip the pages to get to the lesson you want. So there are no loose posters than can be lost or missed placed over time. It has a loop at the top that you can on the wall will a small nail. I don’t speak or read Arabic so I am learning along with my kids and my friends kids that come over. Every friend that comes over wants to get one and very encouraged to teach their kids too. I encourage you to get the teachers guide because it does have techniques on how to teach and have kids engaged in learning and be excited about LEARNING to read Arabic for the sake of Allah SWT. It’s well worth the money and it doesn’t come wrinkled it’s nicely rolled up and ready to hang anywhere you wants!!!! I so happy to have this as a tool for learning and teaching. Jazakallahu khair for the efforts put it this product and for having it available to moms that don’t have access to Arabic classes.

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